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Hemedti cannot rule Sudan because “he cannot read or write”

In new propaganda film, Yasser Al-Atta attacks Hemedti for his lack of schooling

Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta, a member of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, said that the RSF are an “ignorant and uneducated group, the greatest of whom has a second-grade education, which wants to rule the Sudan. I personally as a lieutenant colonel cannot rule Sudan… let alone a man who doesn’t know how to read or write.”

He also called Hemedti a “camel herder”. Farmers should work as farmers, and soldiers as soldiers, and Hemedti as a camel trader, he said. This refers to Hemedti’s reported background as a camel trader before the war in Darfur in 2003.

Al-Atta was speaking to a gathering of SAF troops at an undisclosed location, in a video published by the Sudan Armed Forces.

Al-Atta rejected the idea that RSF represents Darfurians. He emphasized that SAF have no problem with Darfurians and said some of the best leaders in SAF are Rizeigat (the Rizeigat tribal identity is important within RSF).

“In the first elections I will find the best man from the sons of Darfur and I will vote for him, and in the next I will find one from the sons of Kordofan and in the next from sons of Ingessana (the tribe of Malik Agar),” he said.

Sudan War Monitor
Sudan War Monitor
Sudan War Monitor