RSF capture Jebel Aulia dam

Most of the city has fallen into the hands of the militia

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have taken control of Jebel Aulia, the hill for which the city of Jebel Aulia is named. The hill overlooks a dam across the Nile and is south of a military base that is still under control of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).

The above video shows the RSF within about 500 meters of the eastern entrance of the Jebel Aulia dam, though apparently still encountering resistance from SAF (15.236304, 32.494533).

Subsequent video shows a group of them at the dam itself.

RSF first advanced onto the jebel at dusk on November 18, where they came under fire. The loss of the hill is a setback for the army as it seeks to hold back an RSF attack that has lasted more than a week.

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Geolocation by @mustapro: 15.234751, 32.494927

RSF have largely surrounded Jebel Aulia city for several months, but they intensified their attacks after the Shambat Bridge was destroyed a week ago. A drawbridge across a boat lock on the Jebel Aulia dam, which is part of a road across the top of the da…

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