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RSF whip a prisoner in Khartoum

⚠️ Graphic content - abuse of a prisoner of war

This video shows members of the Rapid Support Forces whipping a man whom they say belongs to the Sudan Armed Forces.

The speaker says that a group of 150 soldiers fled during fighting around General Command, which the RSF attacked September 16, and the RSF captured 70 of them.

Although this claim may be false or exaggerated, the abuse clearly is real. As he whips him, the RSF soldier demands that he say “readiness” (an RSF slogan) as well as “Praise (long live) Mohamad Hamdan!” and “Rapid Support!"

Whipping both civilian and military prisoners is standard practice by the RSF, as documented by dozens of videos that they filmed themselves. Often while doing so they make the prisoners praise the RSF or its commander-in-chief.

Sudan War Monitor
Sudan War Monitor
Sudan War Monitor