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After a peaceful uprising in 2019, Sudanese freed themselves from a dictatorship and ushered in a brief era of civilian rule. But the generals of the old regime regained power in a coup and then turned on each other, initiating a catastrophic civil war in April 2023. Since then, Sudan has become the scene of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. A long-troubled nation that had hoped for peace and democracy was instead plunged back into crisis—its worst ever.

We publish news, maps, videos, and analysis about the war. We also cover peace efforts and the humanitarian response. Using open-source research and journalism techniques, we document conflict events and war crimes, analyze conflict patterns, identify perpetrators, and give voice to victims.

We do this work because we believe that journalism is one accountability mechanism that can ultimately contribute toward peace and justice—however distant that hope may be. Our work is intended to be a resource for humanitarians, news media, civil society, ordinary Sudanese, and foreign observers seeking to follow the conflict.

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In addition to serving readers directly through our own website, email newsletter, and social media channels, Sudan War Monitor serves as a trusted resource for both Sudanese and international media covering the conflict, as well as humanitarian information providers, think tanks, and multilateral institutions.

These are some of the publications that have cited our work:

Media Inquiries

You can contact us at sudanwarstudies@proton.me. However, we are not able always to respond timely to media inquiries because we have our own reporting and production deadlines, and we have very limited resources.


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Information published on our website or social media feeds may be cited and attributed to “Sudan War Monitor.” Quotations and limited excerpts are permissible under the legal doctrine of fair use or fair dealing. All other reproduction is prohibited without written permission. Contact us if you wish to republish one of our works.


We work on an ad hoc basis with numerous open-source researchers, journalists, and organizations. Additionally, we have the following formal partners:

  • The National Independent Mechanism for Peace Monitoring and Evaluation in Sudan (NIMPMES) is a Sudanese initiative that began after the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) signed in October 2020. Although founded to monitor a previous peace agreement, not the current conflict, NIMPMES members are experienced in reporting on conflict and peace-building, and therefore the organization is well-placed to support the mission of Sudan War Monitor.

  • OSINT Sudan is a collective of Sudanese working in the field of open source intelligence (OSINT), including geolocating social media videos and using satellite imagery to understand conflict events and patterns. Members of the OSINT Sudan community are key contributors to Sudan War Monitor and share our goals.


Sudan War Monitor began as a volunteer initiative after the outbreak of the war in April 2023, relying on committed researchers who care deeply about Sudan and who gave their time in response to an unexpected need. Our team includes Sudanese and international journalists, researchers, translators, geolocators, and other specialists.

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Collaborative of journalists and open source researchers tracking the events of Sudan’s war and the search for solutions. We’re building a platform to battle disinformation and warmongering and amplify the voices of victims, humanitarians and peacemakers.


Collaborative of journalists and open source researchers tracking the events of Sudan’s war and the search for solutions.
Enthusiastic about geolocation and OSINT research, I find joy in exploring and learning about these fields.
Listening, learning, speaking.
كاتب صحفي ومحلل سياسي
كشف الحقائق | تعزيز الوعي | Unveiling Truths | Fostering Awareness | OSINTSudan@gmail.com
An OSINT Investigator
Alsanosi Adam is journalist & radio producer from Sudan, with an interest in social justice & human rights, graduated from Berkeley graduate school of Journalism 2016